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Python class in Nagpur with Placement

Python is a popular high-level programming language that is widely used for a variety of applications such as web development, data analysis, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more.

Often, programmers fall in love with Python because of the increased productivity it provides. Python is relatively simple, so it’s easy to learn since it requires a unique syntax that focuses on readability. With its quick and fast approach, it makes it easy for those who work with data.

We at iTpreneur are committed to delivering the best Python training course to the student who wants to be python programmers.  iTpreneur Python programming course are specifically designed by gathering requirements from various IT companies and guidance from industry experts.

We strive towards delivering the best Python tutorial along with hands-on practical training sessions through real-time projects.

When looking for a Python classes, it’s important to consider the following:

  1. Accreditation and reputation: Itpreneur is accredited and has a good reputation in the industry. We ensure to impart quality education and that your python course certification will be recognized by employers.
  2. Course content and structure: We make sure that our python classes in Pune covers the latest industry topics and skills that you need to learn, and that the course structure fits your learning style and schedule.
  3. Instructor qualifications and experience: Our instructors have more than 15+ years of relevant industry experience and a teaching background.
  4. Reviews and feedback: Our students have been generous to rate us positively on google and youtube reviews
  5. Cost and value: Our Python classes course fees not only covers the software testing classes but our placement team ensures you get a good job placement.

We also help students by pioneering their technical skills and placing them in good companies. We have placed 7000+ students across 1200 IT companies including IBM, Capgemini, KPIT, Tech Mahindra,  Mphasis, ADP, Atos, and many more multinational IT companies.

There might be many institutes providing Python classes in Pune, but we are the only institute where we let students pay half amount of the fees and the rest after getting placed in the company.

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